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We know you've got questions, any smart consumer would. Check below to see if we can easily answer it and help you out!

Can I install a remote starter in a manual transmission car?

You absolutlety can. There is however a little bit more work for us to do to your car to ensure it can be 100% safe for you, your car, and the people around you. 

Does my vehicle need a bypass module?

Not every vehicle needs a bypass module. We recommend that you call us to find out first. Your vehicle may require a module or even two depending on the year.


In a word, no. The Magnuson-Moss warranty act was designed to protect consumers and allow aftermarket accessories to be used without penalty. This being said, you should always have your electronics installed by Government licensed installers who posses a valid 310k licence, and of course always use quality products with good consumer support 

Will installing a remote starter or any product void my warranty?
My Car has a push button start system, can I install a remote starter in it?

Yup! Our suppliers and us are always at the forefront of technology, and have solutions for the most complex products on the market, such as PTS (push to start). In fact, the solutions for these vehicles are often released before the cars themselves!

Can you install a remote starter on a diesel?

No problem. All of the latest systems have features that allow the remote starter let the glow plugs warm up before starting the vehicle. Most also have built in timers to allow the car to stay running after you get out to let the turbo cool too!

Whats to stop someone from stealing my car while its running?

When remote start system is activated, your steering wheel lock, transmission lock and key transponder system (if equipped) all still work, not to mention your doors remain locked. If someone does gain access while the car is running, the engine will shut down as soon as they step on the brake pedal.

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