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At Northern, not only do we stand behind every product we sell, but we stand behind our installations as well. With our lifetime wiring guarantee, quality diagnostic service, and custom installation, you'll know you brought your vehicle to the right place.

Alarms and Starters

Having government of Ontario licensed installers work on your vehicles sophisticated ignition and accessory systems ensures you know the job is done right. Convenience and security systems should make your day easier, not add stress. Thats why all of our techs go through rigorous training on every new vehicle thats released. Sure its a lot of work to keep up on, but we feel you and your ride is worth it.

Car Audio

As the old saying goes, its 90% install and 10% product. At Northern, we always ensure your new sound system performs at its absolute best. We never cut corners on an install just because you can't see whats behind the panels, and we treat every car like its our own. Sound matters, we know you know that. Thats why you're here, and thats why we do whatever it takes to get the best sound out of the products you've selected.

Advanced Diagnostic

Something you've got isn't working? Maybe it came with the car, you or your buddy installed it, or the other shop won't help or just isn't around anymore. No matter the case, don't worry, just bring it in. If we can't fix it for you it in five minutes, we'll book you an appointment and get you up and running in no time. Thats the benefit of having over 30 years experience taking care of you. There isn't a problem we haven't seen, or an install we can't fix, and we've got the tools to do it right.

Some times there just isn't an out of the box option, sometimes you want something a little special, sometimes you want a full blown show car. From custom fiberglass subwoofer enclosures, multi-screen video installations, custom door panels and centre consoles, we do it. Or maybe you just want a box for your subs that fits like it was made from the factory, or a rack for your amps to keep them off your seats, no problem. We also specialize in installs that look stock and don't take up your storage or functionality, so you can have the sound you want, and still bring your groceries home.

Custom Install
Parts and Supplies

In todays world of super high tech cars, we need to use super high tech products to properly install your new equipment. Everything we use to adapt your new product is warranty approved and up to date for your ride. We dont keep old stock, we change with the times. As far as we're concerned, it isn't worth using subpar products to save a few dollars. You'll never catch an "off brand" product in our shop. Everything we use has dedicated tech support staff and was designed for your ride.

Book an Appointment

We're easy to get a hold of. We'll always have time for you, and we never forget our customers. All you gotta do is call, email, or drop in. We know you're busy, That's why we have flexible hours so you can get all the other stuff you need to do done too. Gotta drop the car off the night before? No worries. We're close to transit on purpose, so you can get on with your day. With us, there's nothing inconvenient about having your convenience products installed. 




(289) 460-5120

1033 Toy Avenue, Unit 6, Pickering


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